The Folk Tapes #3 “Homeward Bound”

by Chris

Episode 3 of ‘The Folk Tapes’ includes a wide range of artists from around the world. You can find the tracklist below. If you like an artist please consider supporting them by buying their album.


To purchase, simply click on the artist/track name
  1. Iona Fyfe – The Northern Lights
  2. Honey & The Bear – Life On Earth
  3. Declan O’Rourke – The Stars Over Kinwara
  4. Norrie MacIver & The Glasgow Barons – Neilsen and his Bride
  5. Alan Doyle – Back Home on the Island
  6. The Lost Trades – Distance Brings Us Closer
  7. Karen Matheson – Little Gun
  8. The Quiggs – Carradale
  9. Jon Wilks – Little Grey Oss
  10. Ninebarrow – Hey John Barleycorn
  11. Fay Hield – Hare Spell
  12. Brian Finnegan – Dare
  13. James Harper & Ciaran Ryan – The Jake Bag
  14. Le Diable à Cinq – Suite pluvieuse
  15. Deidre Graham – ‘S Gann Gun Dìrich Mi Chaoidh
  16. Hartwin Dhoore – Kajakad – Seagulls
NOTE: Some singles cannot be purchased digitally or physically, so instead we link to the artists storepage, where you can support them.

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