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Weekly Mix #20

by Chris

Track 1: Paper Boat

Artist: Elena B Williams
Album: Feet In The Sand
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Track 2: Everything Is Alright

Artist: Dirk Powell
Album: When I Wait For You

Track 3: Double Rainbow

Artist: Ian Roland & The Subtown Set
Album: Double Rainbow
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Track 4: Where does it hurt?

Artist: Katy Rose Bennett
Album: Where does it hurt? (Single

Track 5: In Betweens

Artist: Talena Bricker
Album: In Betweens
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Track 5: When Heaven Falls

Artist: Heidi Newfield
Album: The Barfly Sessions Vol 1

Track 6: Ain’t No Time

Artist: Tara Dente
Album: Truth In The Mud
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Track 7: She Smiles Like A River

Artist: Ayla Brook & The Sound Men
Album: Desolation Sounds
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Track 8: ‘Til I Get Back To You

Artist: Mo Pitney
Album: Ain’t Looking Back
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Track 9: Two Birds

Artist: Lori McKenna
Album: The Balladeer
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Track 10: Brand New Broken Heart

Artist: Mac McAnally
Album: Once In a Lifetime
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Track 11: Mainline To The Heart

Artist: The Barrel Boys
Album: Mainline To The Heart (Single)
NOTE: Full-length “Mainline” out September 18th
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Track 12: State Of Jefferson

Artist: Dehlia Low
Album: Ravens & Crows
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Track 13: Demons

Artist: Greensky Bluegrass
Album: If Sorrows Swim
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Track 14: Goin’ Home Comin’ On

Artist: Carley Arrowood
Album: Goin’ Home Comin’ On

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