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The Folk Tapes #1 “Springtime”

by Chris

Replacing the snow with soft velvet sward,
Cold crystals with glowing flowers;
Clothing the leafless, unsightly trees
In rich garb of satin sheen,
And robing the meadows and woodlands wide
In thine own soft tender green.

Rosanna Eleanor Leprohon

The Folk Tapes is our official mixtape series, featuring a wide range of artists from around the world. We release a new episode weekly.

You can find the tracklist below. If you like an artist please consider supporting them by buying their album.


To purchase, simply click on the artist/track name
  1. How I Became A Wave – Fading Out
  2. Eli West, Julie Fowlis – I Know Your Wandering Heart
  3. Megson – Through the Winter
  4. Rhiannon Giddens, Francesco Turrisi – Waterbound
  5. Nicolas Boulerice, Frédéric Samson – Lettre d’un voyageur
  6. Belle Grand Fille – De temps en temps
  7. Sara Watkins – Night Singing
  8. Aoife O’Donovan, Kris Drever – Transatlantic
  9. Slow Leaves – Stick Around
  10. Oka Vanga – Johanna
  11. Harbottle & Jonas – Whenever You See A Robin
  12. Brad Tuck – Have You Ever Fell in Love
  13. Maria Dunn – Joyful Banner Blazing
  14. The Dardanelles – The Badger Drive
  15. Rhuvaal – The Harbour
  16. Gnoss – Cold Clay
  17. Fine Lads – Need You Tonight
  18. GLIN – Apple x
  19. Bùmarang – Perry Merry
  20. Ye Vagabonds – The Bothy Lads

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