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Weekly Mix #19

by Chris

Track 1: Alone, The Heron

Artist: Summerisle
Album: Alone, The Heron (Single)

Track 2: John McSherry

Artist: Carrowmore
Album: The Seven Suns

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Track 3: Banks of the Bann

Artist: Larry Allen Brown
Album: Stories That We Wrote

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Track 4: Two Sisters

Artist: Andrew Calhoun
Album: Telfer’s Cows

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Track 5: Lord Batemen

Artist: Sally Rogers
Album: Dear Jean: Artists Celebrate Jean Ritchie

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Track 5: Ghost Of Tom Joad

Artist: Pete Seeger & Bruce Springsteen
Album: Sowing The Seeds – The 10th Anniversary

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Track 6: Heavy Load

Artist: Great Peacock
Album: Forever Worse Better

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Track 7: How Lucky We Are

Artist: Jacko Hooper
Album: how Lucky We Are (Single)

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Track 8: One Day

Artist: Katy Rose Bennett
Album: Songs of the River Rea

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Track 9: Summer in America

Artist: Dana Cooper
Album: Summer in America

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Track 10: Hills of Swannanoa

Artist: Anya Hinkle
Album: Hills of Swannanoa


Track 11: Passin’ Through

Artist: Scott Cook
Album: Tangle of Souls

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Track 12: Leave it at the Gate

Artist: Chris Jones & The Night Drivers
Album: Leave it at the Gate (Single)

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Track 13: Sally Sunday

Artist: Daniel Crabtree
Album: Sally Sunday

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Track 14: Little Sugar Creek

Artist: Buffalo Gals Band
Album: Where the Heart Wants to Go

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