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Weekly Mix #22

by Chris


1 Wildwood Flower by Nina Ricci
2 I’m The Man Who Built The Bridges by Tom Paxton
3 The Ranger’s Command by Ola Belle Reed
4 Willie Moore by Joan Baez
5 Jane, Jane by Tia Blake
6 El Preso Numero Nueve by Nina Ricci
7 Living by the Water by Anne Briggs
8 Fortune by Laura Marling
9 Malibu by Roseanne Reid
10 Truckers and Troubadours by Mary Gauthier
11 Waiting For You by Della Mae
12 Un Derecho de Nacimiento by Natalia Lafourcade
13 Demon Tied To A Chair In My Brain by Jamie Wyatt
14 We the People by Kyshona Armstrong
15 Maddie Mae by Jonas Scott Cowan

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