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Weekly Mix #15

by Chris

Track 1: Winter Shows Me

Artist: Kat McLevey
Album: Winter Shows Me (Single)

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Track 2: Wake up Feeling Fine

Artist: Todd Warner Moore
Album: Overnight Flight

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Track 3: Paean to Earthly Things

Artist: Roly Withrow
Album: Ballads & Yarns

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Track 4: Edendale

Artist: David Haerle
Album: Death Valley

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Track 5: Sleep Australia Sleep

Artist: Paul Kelly
Album: Sleep Australia Sleep (Single)


Track 6: Bring Me Moonshine

Artist: Roger D’Arcy
Album: The Road To Stameen

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Track 7: Still Waters

Artist: The Hello Darlins
Album: Still Waters (Single)

Track 8: They Sang to Us

Artist: Trout Steak Revival
Album: Spirit To The Sea

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Track 9: Cannonball

Artist: The Jake Bartley Band
Album: Brotherhood

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Track 10: Have A Little Faith

Artist: Wally Barnick
Album: View From The Lafler Canyon

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Track 11: Take The Long Way Home

Artist: The Alex Leach Band
Album: Take The Long Way Home

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Track 12: The Dark Side of Lonesome

Artist: Edgar Loudermilk Band
Album: The Dark Side Of Lonesome (Single)

Track 13: The Richest Man

Artist: Balsam Range
Album: The Richest Man

Track 14: Darlin’ Blue

Artist: Karl Harvey
Album: Postcards from Home

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Track 15: That Ain’t No Way For Me To Get Along

Artist: Cindy Cashdollar
Album: Waltz for Abilene

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