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Weekly Mix #17

by Chris

Track 1: The Butter Song

Artist: Virginia Kettle and The Dreamkeepers
Album: The Butter Song (Single)


Track 2: Courting Is A Pleasure

Artist: Ranagri
Album: Courting Is A Pleasure


Track 3: Sing Merrily To Me

Artist: John Doyle
Album: The Path of Stones

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Track 4: The Exile Song

Artist: Mary Waterson
Album: Joy of Living: A Tribute to Ewan MacColl

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Track 5: Turn The Corner

Artist: The Unwanted
Album: Music from the Atlantic Fringe

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Track 5: Eileen Aroon

Artist: Joshua Burnside
Album: Far O’er the Sounding Main

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Track 6: Lord Franklin

Artist: Roly Witherow
Album: Ballads & Yarns

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Track 7: Mary Ann

Artist: Archie Fisher
Album: A Silent Song

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Track 8: The Ballad of Calvary

Artist: Carley Arrowood
Album: The Ballad of Calvary (Single)

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Track 9: Return Me

Artist: Emily Barker
A Dark Murmuration of Words

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Track 10: Nothing But The Whole Wide World

Artist: Glen Campbell
Album: Ghost On The Canvas

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Track 11: Conococheague

Artist: The Hello Strangers
Album: The Hello Strangers

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