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Weekly Mix #12

by Chris

Track 1: Red

Artist: Sam Sweeney
Album: Unearth Repeat

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Track 2: Bonnie George Campbell

Artist: The Lasses
Album: Undone

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Track 3: Old Bones

Artist: Jez Lowe
Album: Heads Up

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Track 4: 1920

Artist: Saro Lynch-Thomason & Sam Gleaves
Album: I Have Known Women
NOTE: The album will be released on the 1st of May


Track 5: Mothers

Artist: Grace Morrison
Album: Mothers (Single)

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Track 6: Lucky To Be Loved

Artist: 100 Mile House
Album: Love and Leave You

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Track 7: All Shall Be Still

Artist: Salt House
Album: Huam

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Track 8: Tupelo Honey

Artist: Joe Nolan
Album: Drifters

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Track 9: Shelter of the Storm

Artist: Zach Aaron
Album: Fill Dirt Wanted

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Track 10: Road Of The Winds

Artist: Anya Hinkle
Album: Road Of The Winds (Single)

Track 11: A Few Years Ago

Artist: Daryl Hosley
Album: The Secret of Life

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Track 12: Gotta Go

Artist: Lindley Creek
Album: Gotta Go (Single)

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Track 13: I Wave

Artist: The Family Sowell
Album: Same Kind of Different

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Track 14: The Barber’s Fiddle

Artist: Becky Buller
Album: The Barber’s Fiddle (Single)

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Track 15: Watunga Miner

Artist: Mike Scott
Album: Watunga Miner

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Track 16: Goin’ Up Shell Creek

Artist: Gary Brewer
Album: 40th Anniversary Celebration

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Track 17: The South Bound Train

Artist: High Fidelity
Album: The South Bound Train (Single)

Track 18: The Things I Saw

Artist: The Gina Furtado Project
Album: The Things I Saw (Single)

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