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Weekly Mix #13

by Chris

Track 1: Ashes

Artist: Frank Birtwistle
Album: Ashes (Single)

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Track 2: From Where You Are

Artist: Hannah Connolly
Album: From Where You Are

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Track 3: Ponderosa

Artist: Van Darien
Album: Levee

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Track 4: Beautiful World Of Mine

Artist: Eliza Gilkyson
Album: 2020

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Track 5: Sovereign Town

Artist: Geoff Achison
Album: Sovereign Town

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Track 6: Run Away

Artist: Honky Tonk Men
Album: Honky Tonk Men (EP)

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Track 7: Lines

Artist: Andrea & Mud
Album: Bad News Darlin’
NOTE: Album out June 12


Track 8: On Stealing A Sailboat

Artist: Charlie Parr
Album: Charlie Parr

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Track 9: Gambling Blues

Artist: John Primer & Bob Corritore
Album: The Gypsy Woman Told Me
NOTE: Album out May 1st


Track 10: Don’t Worry About The Rich Man

Artist: Roe Family Singers
Album: Don’t Worry About The Rich Man (Single)

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Track 11: Freeborn Man

Artist: Tony Rice
Album: Guitar

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Track 12: Cool Cats Hot Bluegrass

Artist: Frank Poindexter
Album: Cool Cats Hot Bluegrass (Single)

Track 13: You Gotta Do What You Gotta Do

Artist: Lonesome River Band
Album: Carrying The Tradition

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Track 14: Train Train Train

Artist: Wayne Taylor and Appaloosa
Album: N/A

Track 15: Move Over

Artist: Tray Wellington
Album: Uncaged Thoughts


Track 16: Sweet Companion

Artist: Darin and Brooke Aldridge
Album: Inner Journey

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Track 17: Dear Juliana

Artist: Carley Arrowood
Album: Dear Juliana (Single)


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