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Weekly Mix #14

by Chris

Track 1: It’s a Beautiful World

Artist: Paul Brady
Album: It’s a Beautiful World (Now you’re here) (Single)

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Track 2: Where do we go (Feat. Rex Smallboy)

Artist: Logan And Nathan
Album: The Happening

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Track 3: Last Flight Out

Artist: Steve Dawson & Funeral Bonsai
Album: Last Flight Out

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Track 4: Physics & Form

Artist: Mr. Alec Bowman
Album: I Used To Be Sad & Then I Forgot

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Track 5: Survived Like A Stone

Artist: Jerry Leger
Album: Time Out for Tomorrow

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Track 6: Dancin’ Girl

Artist: Walt Cronin & The Gousters
Album: Sense the World

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Track 7: Can’t Find You

Artist: Pete Bernhard

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Track 8: Must Be The Devil

Artist: Chris Tichner
Album: Already Gone

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Track 9: Four Angels

Artist: Gordon Thomas Ward
Album: Eiderdown

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Track 10: Same Old Man

Artist: Ruth Hazleton
Album: Daisywheel

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Track 11: Casino Lights

Artist: Pete Mancini
Album: Don’t Worry About The Rich Man (Single)

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Track 12: Moment of Peace

Artist: John Cadley
Album: The Hard Years

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Track 13: Maybe Tomorrow

Artist: NoneOfTheAbove
Album: Turn The Page

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Track 14: Keep Yourself Alive

Artist: Lizzy Long
Album: Dreaming Again

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Track 15: Ireland’s Green Shore

Artist: Tim O’Brien
Album: The Crossing

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Track 16: Journey to the Forbidden Forest

Artist: Jack Dunlap
Album: The Isolation Sessions

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Track 17: Norman Rockwell World

Artist: Kenny and Amanda Smith
Album: With You

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