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Weekly Mix #18

by Chris

Track 1: Echoes

Artist: Aaron Burdett
Album: Echoes (Single)

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Track 2: Boxes

Artist: Theresa Lucia
Album: Courting Is A Pleasure

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Track 3: Treat You Better

Artist: Laura Cortese & The Dance Cards
Album: Bitter Better

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Track 4: Countless

Artist: Endless Highway
Album: Countless

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Track 5: These Games

Artist: The Krickets
Album: These Games (Single)

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Track 5: Clover

Artist: Jadea Kelly
Album: Clover

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Track 6: Death Of Me

Artist: Mason Ashley
Album: Into The Song

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Track 7: Catch That Train

Artist: The Hello Darlins
Album: Catch That Train (Single)

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Track 8: Amazing Love

Artist: Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Album: Speed of Life

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Track 9: Object Of Your Rejection

Artist: Chely Wright
Album: Lifted Off The Ground

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Track 10: Lousy Pretender

Artist: Amy LaVere
Album: Runaway’s Diary

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Track 11: We Get To Feel It All

Artist: Indigo Girls
Album: Beauty Queen Sister

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Track 12: Look The Other Way

Artist: Justin Townes Earle
Album: Harlem River Blues

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Track 13: Keep On Driving

Artist: Geoff Gibbons
Album: Keep On Driving (Single)

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Track 14: Hanging from the Earth

Artist: The Pines
Album: Above the Prairie

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