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LISTEN: Irish singer-songwriter Graham Sweeney releases new single “Go n’Éirí an Bóthar Leat”

by Chris

Graham Sweeney is a singer-songwriter from Achill Island, on the west coast of Ireland. His music is rooted in folk but explores many different paths, from orchestral world compositions on his 2018 single, “Paddy Song“, to atmospheric indie rock on his more recent singles “I Am” and “The Quiet Man“. It’s safe to say he’s a very versatile artist.

His latest single, “Go n’Éirí an Bóthar Leat“, ventures into new musical territory with a beautiful, original Irish traditional composition. The single sees Sweeney, on guitar, joined by Achill based fiddler Diarmuid Gielty, harpist Laoise Kelly and uilleann piper Tiarnan Ó Duinnchinn. The result is absolutely spellbinding.

Artist: Graham Sweeney
Go n’Éirí an Bóthar Leat
Go n’Éirí an Bóthar Leat (Single)
Click here to stream “Go n’Éirí an Bóthar Leat
on Spotify

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