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WATCH: Old Spot – Black Eyed Susie Jane

by Chris
Old Spot

Old Spot is a newly formed old-time duo consisting of traditional fiddler Rowan Piggott, originally hailing from the West Coast of Ireland and English multi-instrumentalist Joe Danks, a well regarded guitarist and percussionist. Though coming from two different musical backgrounds, the pair have found a common ground in their appreciation of traditional old-time music, sourcing inspiration from both modern interpreters such as Jake Blount and Rayna Gellert as well as early Appalachian Old Time and Bluegrass pioneers. Musically they deliver barebones, classic arrangements, staying true to the roots of the genre, while infusing their sound with soft harmonious vocals, perhaps best associated with the Irish and British folk scene.

Watch the duo perform their mellow and plunky rendition of traditional old-time fiddle tune ‘Black Eyed Susie’ from their upcoming self-titled debut album.

Artist: Old Spot
Track: Black Eyed Susie Jane
Album: N/A
Genre: Old Time
Country: UK

To pre-order Old Spot’s self titled debut album, click here

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