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LISTEN: Drea Lake – Dreaming Peacefully

by Chris

Drea Lake is an up and coming Canadian singer-songwriter. Since the release of her 2020 debut single ‘Bird in the Window‘, Drea has been carving out a place for herself on the Canadian folk scene. Characterised by soft acoustic instrumentals layered with delicate dream pop-esque vocals, Drea’s musical offerings are other-worldly spellbinding yet wholeheartedly organic and down to earth.

The latest single ‘Dreaming Peacefully‘, which comes as a follow up to her second single ‘Disappear With Me‘, sees Drea collaborating with competent fingerstyle guitarist and producer of her debut single, Antoine Dufour.

About the song

“I am really proud of this recording. This song came after an evening with a very old friend who I had not seen in about 20 years. She reminded me of another old friend and told me a tale about him and where his life had taken him. I was shocked by the juxtaposition of his present circumstances and my most recent and vivid memory of him: a peaceful and extremely sweet day at Canada’s Wonderland when we were both 17. I felt that if I could share this memory with him, or with anyone going through a hard time it might remind them of themselves.

Artist: Drea Lake
Track: Dreaming Peacefully
Album: N/A (Single)
Genre: Indie Folk/Folk Pop
Country: Canada (Montreal/Ontario)

To purchase Drea Lake’s single ‘Dreaming Peacefully’, click here

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