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LISTEN: Matt Ward’s new single “Old Ground” featuring Bonnie Montgomery

by Chris

Matt Ward is a country singer-songwriter hailing from South Australia. As an artist, Ward is defined by authenticity and a respect for tradition. Coming from a long line of family bootmakers, and with years of experience in outback land management, Ward doesn’t just make country music – he’s the embodiment of a great country song.

Ward’s debut album ‘Heartland’, released in May, 2019, secured the ARIA #1 Australian Country album spot, debuted at #1 on iTunes Country Album charts and has racked up over 140,000 streams worldwide.

His latest single, Old Ground, features American country songstress Bonnie Montgomery.

To collaborate and release a song with a great American artist such as Bonnie is a career highlight. Bonnie comes from and understands country music. I knew she’d not only bring her incredible voice and talent, but also the innate feel the song requires when singing about the road, the heart and the land.

Matt Ward

Old Ground is a tale of repetitive behaviours that bring together timeless inspirations of the heart, land, and road. The track features clever songwriting, with fresh honky tonk and western swing feels. It’s a classic country sound for the modern world, Americana in its purest sense.

Artist: Matt Ward & Bonnie Montgomery
Track: Old Ground
Album: Old Ground (Single)
Click here to purchase/stream Old Ground

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