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LISTEN: Mile Twelve releases new single “Hopkinsville”

by Chris

Boston based bluegrass outfit Mile Twelve has released their single “Hopkinsville” featuring Chris Eldridge and Britanny Haas. The song “Hopkinsville” will be available on their upcoming EP “Roll The Tapes All Night Long” due to be released May 29. 

The song offers just about 4 minutes of traditional bluegrass goodness with solid instrumentation. A wonderful rendition of the catchy tune originally written by Darrell Scott. You’ll probably soon find yourself hollering out:

“I’m going back to Hopkinsville
I’m going back, you know I will
Only 21 working days until,
I’m with my love in Hopkinsville

Artist: Mile Twelve
Track: Hopkinsville
Album: Roll The Tapes All Night Long
Click here to pre-order “Roll The Tapes All Night Long”

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