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LISTEN: The Barrel Boys release second single “Mainline To The Heart” from their upcoming album

by Chris

The Barrel Boys is a Toronto based bluegrass outfit formed in 2012. Since then they’ve been playing across Canada, developing and perfecting their sound. Though their sound is very much rooted in the traditions of bluegrass, they’re not afraid of venturing into country, blues and gospel. They have three full-lengths behind them, latest album “Cold Spring” was released back in ’17. But come September 18th, they’ll be making that four full-lengths with their upcoming album “Mainline”. 

“Mainline To The Heart” is the second single from their upcoming album. In July they released “Going Fishing”, a lovely little bluesy country tune. “Mainline To The Heart” is quite different, modern bluegrass with a beautiful atmosphere and depth, reminiscent of early Greensky Bluegrass.

I like how the two singles they’ve released contrast each other, and I think it really sums up The Barrel Boys as a band. They can do it all, they have developed their style to be able to encompass many different genres without losing their characteristic sound. The Barrel Boys mix modern and traditional, like a perfect blend of spices. I can’t wait for the release of “Mainline”.

Artist: The Barrel Boys
Track: Mainline To The Heart
Album: Mainline
Click here to stream “Mainline To The Heart” on Spotify
Click here to purchase “Mainline To The Heart” on Google Play

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