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WATCH: Allison Russell – Persephone

by Chris

Allison Russell is a Nashville based, Montreal born songwriter, musician, composer and producer. She is a founding member of three critically acclaimed groups – Our Native Daughters, Birds of Chicago and PoGirl. With a background in non-profit harm reduction and community service, Russell is a vocal advocate for equality and equity and an anti-bigotry activist.

Russell’s latest single, Persephone, will be available on her upcoming debut full-length, Outside Child due to be released May 21. The upcoming album is, in Russell’s own words; “about resilience, survival, transcendence, the redemptive power of art, community, connection, and chosen family.” For fans of soulful pop-infused Americana music with solid songwriting, there’s really no excuse not to pre-order ‘Outside Child

Artist: Allison Russell
Track: Persephone
Album: Outside Child (Releases May 21)
Genre: Americana
Country: Canada/USA

To pre-order Allison Russel’s upcoming album “Outside Child” click here

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