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WATCH: Christina Alden & Alex Patterson – Hunter

by Chris

Christina Alden & Alex Patterson is a British folk duo based in Norwich, England. They have been playing and singing together for the last seven years, touring extensively in the UK and Europe. With beautiful vocal harmonies and compelling compositions driven by the guitar and fiddle, Christina and Alex produce soulful and emotive folk music.

About their new album:

Hunter is a collection of nine original tracks and one traditional song. We are both really proud of this album and it’s been really enjoyable to live it for the past year or so. It’s a celebration of our musical partnership, instrumentation, harmony singing and passion for songwriting. 

We recorded everything at home in our cellar – one of the things about doing the recording yourself is that there is less pressure from time restraints and studio fees. We ended up recording a lot in the evenings when the street outside was at its quietest. Because of this freedom we were able to be really creative in terms of trying out different instruments and ideas.

Christina Alden & Alex Patterson

Scroll down to watch the duo performing the title track, Hunter, from their freshly released debut album.

Artist: Christina Alden & Alex Patterson
Track: Hunter
Album: Hunter
Genre: Folk
Country: UK (Norwich)

To purchase Christina Alden & Alex Patterson’s album “Hunter” click here

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