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LISTEN: Katie Spencer – Couldn’t Love You More

by Chris

Katie Spencer is a British folk singer-songwriter and guitarist based in Hornsea, UK. Drawing inspirations from the landscapes of East Yorkshire and some of the early British folkies, such as John Martyn and Roy Harper, Katie has successfully crafted her own expressive and emotive sound, defined by her competent fingerstyle guitar and adept singing.

Her latest release, ‘Hurt In Your Heart‘, recorded with two longstanding members of the John Martyn band, is a collection of songs that defined Katie Spencer’s musical upbringing. The collection contains some of the most emotive works of John Martyn, namely ‘Hurt In Your Heart’, ‘Couldn’t Love You More’ and ‘Small Hours’. With dreamy, reverb drenched synths, jazzy basslines and dainty singing, Katie pays homage to Martyn in the finest way possible.

Artist: Katie Spencer (featuring Alan Thomson and Spencer Cozens)
Track: Couldn’t Love You More
Album: Hurt In Your Heart
Genre: Folk/Jazz
Country: United Kingdom

To purchase Katie Spencer’s “Hurt In Your Heart” click here

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