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LISTEN: Christina Alden & Alex Patterson – Hunter

by Chris

Christina Alden & Alex Patterson is a British folk duo based in Norwich, England. They have been playing and singing together for the last seven years, touring extensively in the UK and Europe. With beautiful vocal harmonies and compelling compositions driven by the guitar and fiddle, Christina and Alex produce soulful and emotive folk music.

At the heart of their music, you sense the deep connection that the duo has to the natural world, painting intricate narratives of wildlife, people and the landscapes they inhabit. Christina and Alex are magnificent storytellers, capturing the essence of the wild world living and breathing around us.

Their upcoming debut album, ‘Hunter’, is due to be released on May the 7th. But until then we’re excited to be able to present our listeners with the title track of the album.

Artist: Christina Alden & Alex Patterson
Track: Hunter
Album: Hunter
Genre: Folk
Country: UK (Norwich)

To pre-order Christina Alden & Alex Patterson’s album “Hunter” click here

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