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LISTEN: Katie Kim & Seán Mac Erlain – Empire One

by Chris

Katie Kim & Seán Mac Erlaine is an Irish Folk/Jazz collaboration. As individual artists both have a diverse catalog of music behind them. Katie is a singer-songwriter and guitarist, performing captivating reverb drenched folk rock. Seán is a critically acclaimed woodwind instrumentalist, his musical excursions span far and wide, resulting in an electic form of jazz, combining elements of electronic music and folk.

Their new release, Empire One is the first single from In The Echo: Field Recordings from Earlsfort Terrace, due for release on the Ergodos label later this year. The haunting atmosphere of ‘Empire One‘ instills a feeling of comfortable solitude, leaving plenty of room for self-reflection. The immense depth to their sound is a result of recording methods, making use of the natural ambience of the environment, in the form of a polished field recording.

Katie sang at an upright piano that was located in a room at one end of the second-floor corridor. We kept the door open to enhance the blend of sounds, with Seán situated at the top of a stairwell at the other end of the corridor, maximizing the dynamic between the two performers and the building.

Ross Turner, Producer & Curator

Artist: Katie Kim & Seán Mac Erlaine
Track: Empire One
Album: In The Echo: Field Recordings from Earlsfort Terrace
Genre: Folk/Jazz
Country: Ireland
Website: N/A

To purchase Katie Kim & Seán Mac Erlaine’s single “Empire One” click here

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