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LISTEN: Great Peacock releases new single “Dissatisfaction” from upcoming album

by Chris

Nashville based Americana trio Great Peacock has been making their mark on the southern rock scene in Nashville since the release of their debut full length, “Making Ghosts”, in 2015. Touring over 100 days a year, it’s safe to say that Great Peacock never tired of the road. In 2018, after honing and perfecting their sound through relentless touring, they released their second full length, “Gran Pavo Real”.

Now they’ve got a new album on the horizon, “Forever Worse Better”, due to be released October 9th.

Here’s what the band has to say about the album:

“The first half of the album is about feeling empty and looking to fill that void with romance,” says Nelson. “It’s about a girl, and I didn’t wind up getting that girl. The second half — and the album as a whole, really — is about learning to love and accept yourself. Those themes tie in with this being the band’s third album. We’re struggling to find success, and I want people to know we’re struggling, just like they are. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel, though, and you can work hard to get to it.”

While we wait for “Forever Worse Better” to drop, why not take a moment to enjoy their latest single?

Artist: Great Peacock
Forever Worse Better
Click here to pre-order “Forever Worse Better”

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