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WATCH: The Hello Darlins release new single “Aberdeen” with accompanying music video

by Chris

Canadian Americana group, The Hello Darlins, started as a concept in 2016 when Calgary-based vocalist Candace Lacine and keyboardist Mike Little crossed paths again six years after their initial meeting at a recording studio. In between their work as producers for other artists, they soon found themselves making music together, forming the foundation of The Hello Darlins.

With a powerhouse cast of award winning professional studio musicians, The Hello Darlins have been developing their own signature blend of country, gospel and blues. Their latest singles Still Waters and Catch That Train have garnered a positive response, and with a rapidly growing fan base, a full-length can’t come soon enough.

Until then, here’s their latest single “Aberdeen” with accompanying music video.

“Aberdeen” is a song about a horse, written by the Darlins’ co-founders, singer Candace Lacina and Hammond organist Mike Little. But what it’s really about is loyalty and friendship, and how to extend that beyond the boundaries of a ‘fence-line’ or lifetime. Candace explains, “When we played the demo for Joey Landreth, he got it right away. We recorded it in our home studio and he delivered such a heartfelt vocal, the way only Joey Landreth can.”

Artist: The Hello Darlins
Track: Aberdeen
Album: Aberdeen (Single)
Click here to stream “Aberdeen” on Spotify

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