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LISTEN: Irish multi-instrumentalist Ev Carm releases new single “Looking For You”

by Chris

Irish multi-instrumentalist Ev Carm is one of the many new artists emerging out of the Irish music scene. He may not be on your radar just yet, but I reckon that’s about to change. After years of self-releasing home demos, Carm has released his two latest singles through the newly established Dublin based indie label “andfriends”.

Ev Carm’s musical style is not one that’s easily boxed into a genre. He merges folk, pop and ambient, creating a beautifully diverse listening experience. His latest single “Looking For You” evokes a deep sense of melancholy; the reverb drenched guitar strums blends perfectly with Carm’s mellow vocals. It’s dreamy yet poignant.

If you’re a fan of the band Low, then you’ll definitely enjoy Ev Carm.

Artist: Ev Carm
Track: Looking For You
Album: Looking For You (Single)
Click here to stream “Looking For You” on Spotify
Click here to purchase “Looking for you” on Bandcamp

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