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LISTEN: Mia Doi Todd – My Fisherman

by Chris

Mia Doi Todd is a prolific singer-songwriter from Los Angeles, known for her unique voice and emotional songwriting.

Ever since her debut release ‘The Ewe and the Eye‘ in 1997, singer-songwriter Mia Doi Todd has created a body of work that is intensely personal and unique, with a rich variety of cultural and creative influences.

On her latest album, “Music Life“, Mia draws in elements from Indian raga music, reggae, Arabic folk and Greek rebetiko blended with hints of 1960’s-esque psychedelic folk rock. The result is a spellbinding genrebending album that you can listen to again and again.

Artist: Mia Doi Todd
Track: My Fisherman
Album: Music Life
Genre: Folk/World/Alternative
Country: United States (Los Angeles)

To purchase Mia Doi Todd’s album “Music Life” click here

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