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LISTEN: Allison Langerak – You’re The One

by Chris

Allison Langerak is a singer/songwriter based in Brooklyn. She has played in several NYC bands including Breakup Breakdown, The Blue Eighty Eights, Bel Air and James Sparber’s Pleasure Machine. She frequently guests on backup vocals with Benjamin Adair Murphy and Mishka Shubaly.

Langerak’s style can be described as Alt Americana, with wonderfully hazy compositions driven by electric guitar and synths. When you put all of that together with Allison’s competent vocal and lyrical work, it results in a captivating listen.

Her latest EP, Unchained, which consists of three tracks is out 05/03/2021 and all proceeds raised during the first week of release on Bandcamp will be donated to The Lilith Fund. We are excited to feature the last track on the EP, “You’re The One“.

Artist: Allison Langerak
Track: You’re The One
Album: Unchained
Genre: Alt/Americana
Country: United States (NYC)

To order Allison Langerak’s “The Unchained” click here

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