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WATCH: Colin Macleod – Runaway

by Chris

Colin Macleod is a Scottish singer-songwriter. He originally started out in cover bands, performing in local bars around his native Isle of Lewis, in the Hebridean Islands – located in the windswept Northwest of Scotland. At the age of 18, after being introduced to Bob Dylan’s music, Colin seriously began writing his own original material. In 2010, he released the album ‘Fireplace‘ followed by a handful of EP’s, under the artist name The Boy Who Trapped The Sun.

Since then he has left the alias behind, and his solo career was kickstarted by the release of his debut album ‘Bloodlines‘, an album which Colin devoted to his islands history and the experiences he had growing up in a remote part of the world. Colin’s sound is rooted in folk rock, with dreamy soundscapes that perfectly capture the isolation of the barren, wild landscapes of the Hebridean Islands.

His forthcoming album, Hold Fast, continues in the same vein as Bloodlines, with lyrics of poignant self reflection, Lewisian homesickness and emotional growth, completed by Colin’s wide-ranging compositions – drawing elements from Springsteen and Dylan-esque Americana, Indie and Acoustic Folk. The album also sees Colin joined by renowned American singer-songwriter Sheryl Crow.

While we await the arrival of the new album on the 18th of June, we’re excited to present you with the music video of Colin’s latest single, Runaway.

Artist: Colin Macleod
Track: Runaway
Album: Hold Fast
Genre: Folk Rock
Country: Scotland

To pre-order Colin Macleod’s album ‘Hold Fast’, click here (Releases 18/06/2021)

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