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LISTEN: Indie folk singer-songwriter Liam Bauman releases new single “Hotel Hallways”

by Chris

Liam Bauman is an up and coming folk singer-songwriter based in Tampa, Florida. Bauman started playing his weapon of choice, the guitar, at the age of twelve. In 2019, he released his debut album “Passing Through“.

Bauman’s musical style is defined by reverb drenched, guitar driven compositions, atmospheric vocals and emotive songwriting. The result is a nostalgia evoking indie folk sound that is absolutely captivating to listen to.

“I find an immense amount of satisfaction in the creation of music, I take pride in making something genuine and pure, whether it is my own music or contributing to someone else’s. I hope I can bring people some sort of relief in this strange time we’re living in.” 

Liam Bauman

With a new full-length album on the horizon for 2021, we’re excited to present you with Bauman’s latest self-produced single “Hotel Hallways“.

Artist: Liam Bauman
Hotel Hallways
Hotel Hallways (Single)
Click here to buy Hotel Hallways on Bandcamp

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