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LISTEN: Americana singer-songwriter Eric Bolander releases new single “Window”

by Chris
Eric Bolander

Lexington based Americana singer-songwriter Eric Bolander has been setting his mark on the Americana scene since the release of his debut full-length “Postcards to Myself” in 2016 and his second full-length “The Winds” in 2019. Bolander’s style is atmospheric, raw Americana often infused with rock and symphonic elements.

Bolander’s new single, “Window”, is driven by brooding string compositions and electric guitar, resulting in a powerful track that blends Bolander’s various musical influences perfectly. The way the strings are put in the foreground together with the electric guitar, rather than just being used sparsely in the background, produces a wonderful depth in the sound, which when combined with Bolander’s soulful vocals result in something truly captivating.

Artist: Eric Bolander
Track: Window
Album: Window (Single)
Click here to stream “Window” on Spotify
Click here to purchase “Window”on Google Play

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