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LISTEN: Iona Fyfe – The Northern Lights

by Chris

Iona Fyfe is an award winning Scottish folksinger hailing from the North East of Scotland. Carrying on the musical traditions of her native Aberdeenshire, Fyfe is a talented ballad singer, performing songs in the traditional Scots language. In 2019, she released her first fully English-sung EP ‘Dark Turn of Mind‘, which consisted of six transatlantic ballads and songs, drawing connections to the Appalachian region in the USA and Aberdeenshire.

Fyfe’s latest single is a beautiful rendition of the beloved traditional ballad, ‘Northern Lights of Old Aberdeen‘. The song was originally written by English-born Mary Webb, who sung the ballad for a home sick Aberdonian, with whom she worked with in a hospital kitchen. The song was later sent to Scottish tenor singer, Robert Wilson, who performed it at the Albert Hall, where after it became a Scottish staple.

Artist: Iona Fyfe
Track: The Northern Lights
Album: N/A (Single)
Genre: Traditional Folk
Country: Scotland

To purchase Iona Fyfe’s new single “The Northern Lights” click here

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