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LISTEN: Canadian singer-songwriter Lynn Jackson’s “Flight” from new album “Lionheart”

by Chris

Lynn Jackson has released her latest album “Lionheart”. With more than 10 releases behind her over the last decade, Jackson is by no means a newcomer to the scene. Her album, “Lionheart”, is for lovers of raw, rocking roots music, although she has made room for a few softer tunes along the way. Jackson’s songwriting is reminiscent of Cohen and Reed, delivering her message with a poignant honesty. It’s truly a nuanced and captivating album, a welcome addition to anyone’s collection.

“One night I was skimming through my lyric notebooks looking at little bits I had highlighted here and there,” Jackson says. “I decided that I wanted them all, or most of them, to see the light of day somehow. So I put them together, and it filled up two full pages. Of course, the challenge then became how to fit them all into one song. The answer was to pull out my electric guitar, write a simple and upbeat chord progression, and add the words in a combination of singing and speaking.”

Artist: Lynn Jackson
Track: Flight
Album: Lionheart
Click here to buy “Lionheart”

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