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WATCH: Ian Roland & The Subtown Set – Nothing Could Grow There

by Chris

Ian Roland & The Subtown Set is a British folk outfit. Originally performing as a duo consisting of singer-songwriter Ian Roland and violinist/composer Simon Yapp, the pair has since then joined forces with a multitude of artists such as celloist Brione Jackson. drummer Nick Van Vlaenderen and vocalist Ruby Rose. These days they mostly perform as a trio, completed by Jade Woodhouse, who has replaced Brione on cello. Working from Subtown Studios, located in the seaside town of Brighton, in Southern England, the trio often collaborates with local musicians for recording sessions and live gigs.

In 2020, they released their critically acclaimed debut album ‘Double Rainbow‘, an album ram packed with orchestral, emotive contemporary folk songs, blended with a few strands of classical and soul – drawing inspirations from artists such as Cat Stevens, John Prine and The Waterboys.

Their new single, ‘Nothing Could Grow There‘, is due to be released on May 21. The song is from their upcoming album, which they’re currently in the process of recording at Subtown Studios.

About the song

The song was written by Ian during the first COVID 19 pandemic lockdown in the UK in June 2020 and reflects the fear, isolation and concerns for survival felt across the world during that time and still ongoing today. The root causes of the pandemic form the basis of the song: the destruction of the natural world; biodiversity loss; the exponential rise in consumption over recent decades; the fallout from the pandemic in terms of economic hardship, loneliness and separation. It is a cry echoing the cries of all of us and a plea for transformative change to rethink our relationship with nature and each other. It is a plea for the need to move away quickly from the “greed and capitalism” that has brought us to this cliff edge.

Artist: Ian Roland & The Subtown Set
Track: Nothing Could Grow There
Album: N/A (Single)
Genre: Contemporary Folk
Country: England

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