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LISTEN: Gnoss – Sun That Hugs The Ocean

by Chris

Gnoss is a Scottish Trad outfit consisting of Aidan Moodie, Graham Rorie, Connor Sinclair and Craig Baxter. Together the four perform an eclectic blend of traditional instrumental tunes and original songs. It’s easy to draw comparisons to other great Scottish bands on the scene, such as Skipinnish, Talisk, Skerryvore and Kris Drever – they all engage in what you could call ‘The New Scottish Sound’, an intriguing mix of traditional and contemporary folk music, often influenced by Indie and Americana.

Following Gnoss’ critically acclaimed 2019 debut album ‘Drawn from Deep Water‘, we are excited to present you with ‘The Light of The Moon‘. The new album consists of 8 instrumental tracks and 4 songs, all of which are entirely original. There’s plenty of moods to explore on the record, and there’s a pace for every occasion. The songs conjure vivid paintings of Scottish landscapes – from the rugged maritime to the rolling heather-clad hills, each note acting as a brush stroke on the canvas.

Artist: Gnoss
Track: Sun That Hugs The Ocean
Album: The Light of The Moon
Genre: Traditional Folk
Country: Scotland

To purchase Gnoss’ new album “The Light of The Moon” click here

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