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LISTEN: Sunny War – It’s Name Is Fear

by Chris

Sunny War is a Folk-Punk musician based in Los Angeles. Her music has a natural fluidity to it, implementing elements from old 60’s psychedelic folk rock, blues and pop. The punk ethos of her music shines through particularly in her lyrics, where she tackles everything from living on the street, relationships, racism and other forms of political injustice.

But it’s not just her music that’s steeped in the traditions of the early punk scene. Working with Food Not Bombs has been pushing her to more direct action. For someone who grew up going to protests, it’s clear that Sunny’s finding relief in taking action, especially at time when so many peoples’ political motivations are starting to feel suspect.

Her latest album, Simple Syrup, has a vibrant, loose feel, more focused on the interplay with the musicians than ever before. Sunny’s new songs touch on everything from romance to politics, jumping easily between larger concepts like the expectations for famous Black women in American art (“Like Nina”) and smaller ideas like “Kiss A Loser”, her ode to her own drunken self in relationships.

Artist: Sunny War
Track: It’s Name Is Fear
Album: Simple Syrup
Genre: Folk-Punk/Blues
Country: United States (Los Angeles)

To purchase Sunny War’s album “Simple Syrup” click here

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