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LISTEN: Chris Jones & The Night Drivers – Whither You Roam

by Chris

Chris Jones & The Night Drivers is a bluegrass outfit known for their distinctively elegant yet driving bluegrass music, they deliver original music with tight arrangements, emotional authenticity, and engaging humour.

With a handful of full-lengths behind them and an ever growing selection of captivating singles, they have become a household name for bluegrass enthusiasts around the world.

We are happy to present you with their latest single, “Whither You Roam“.

“This is the first song I completed after the start of the pandemic, which may be why it’s a traveler’s love song during a time when we can’t travel. The word ‘whither’ has an old world feel to me, and though it’s musically pretty straight ahead bluegrass, there’s a little bit of old world influence in the song from the year I spent in Scotland a few years ago. In that case my wife ‘roamed’ there to study and I followed.”

C. Jones

Artist: Chris Jones & The Night Drivers
Track: Whither You Roam
Album: N/A (Single)
Genre: Bluegrass
Country: United States

To purchase Chris Jones & The Night Drivers “Whither You Roam” click here

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