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LISTEN: “Nyack” from Annie Dressner’s new album “Coffee at the Corner Bar”

by Chris

Music has always been very much at the heart of Annie Dressner’s life. Brought up in a very musical family in NYC, she developed a love of the piano at an early age, but it wasn’t until after High School that she started learning the guitar, her weapon of choice.

In 2011, Dressner released her debut album, “Strangers Who Knew Each Other’s Names” and in 2018 she followed up with the album “Broken into Pieces”.

Her third full-length album, “Coffee at the Corner Bar” offers 12 tracks in traditional Dressner style, defined by her beautiful hazy voice and atmospheric instrumentation, evoking a sense of euphoric nostalgia.

Artist: Annie Dressner
Coffee at the Corner Bar
Click here to buy the album “Coffee at the Corner Bar”

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