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WATCH: Edmonton singer-songwriter Andrea Nixon’s new single “Blind spot”

by Chris

Edmonton based Andrea Nixon is a staple of the Canadian roots scene, a great singer with a perceptive and grounded style of songwriting. Nixon makes songs about life, the ups and downs, without any pretentiousness or sugarcoating.

Nixon’s debut album, “Diary of a Housewife”, released in 2017 garnered a very positive response, solidifying her musical footprint in Canadian music.

Her latest single, “Blind spot”, is a beautiful song depicting the struggle with finding an identity in society.

Blind Spot‘ asks listeners to consider their own blind spots, both when they have felt unseen and unheard, and all the diverse voices that are currently muted in popular culture.

Artist: Andrea Nixon
Track: Blind spot
Album: Blind spot (Single)
Click here to stream “Blind spot” on Spotify

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