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LISTEN: Singer-songwriter Lacey Williams releases debut single “Cut N’ Curl”

by Chris

Utah based singer-songwriter Lacey Williams originally started her musical voyage through classical music while living in Tokyo. Williams’ father worked in the hotel business, which meant that she lived much of her childhood in Japan. It wasn’t until her dad hired a western swing band to play at one of the hotel restaurants that she decided to steer away from classical music, instead developing a keen interest in country and bluegrass.

Through college Williams regularly wrote and performed original songs, forming the foundation of her musical career. After graduation she moved to Nashville with her husband, Drew Williams. The couple recorded multiple albums, as a duo, under the name “Drew & Lacey”.

The debut single “Cut ‘N’ Curl”, a swinging country-rock track about small town hairdressers, is her first venture as a solo artist. With Williams characteristic voice and solid instrumentation, there’s no doubt about the fact that “Cut ‘N’ Curl” is going to make its way up the charts. 

Artist: Lacey Williams
Track: Cut ‘N’ Curl
Album: Cut ‘N’ Curl (Single)
Click here to buy “Cut ‘N’ Curl”

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